Project Serve

Project Serve is a church-wide outreach for Summer 2017. Our mission, should you accept it, is to “Share the Gospel by lending a hand.” This challenge is for each one of us to become intentional in taking our faith from the inside of the church to the outside.
Here are some Project Serve ideas:

• Pass out Door Hangers…do not ring doorbells… if people are outside, introduce yourself, tell them you are from Calvary and offer to pray for them.
• Acts of Kindness… Cut grass, help a neighbor do a project, take a meal to someone who isn’t feeling well, meet a need of someone you know, etc.
• Volunteer in the community… Hospitals, Rescue Mission, Feeding the homeless, etc.
• Take cookies or doughnuts to the Police or Fire Department with a card telling them how much you appreciate them… Sign it from Calvary Assembly.
• Leave quarters at the Laundry Mat with a God Loves You Card.
• Volunteer to babysit single dad’s/mom’s kids so they can go grocery shopping.
• Help a single mother, widow, or elderly person fix things in their home… Make sure you have someone with you and if you can, pay for the items needed.
• Take groceries to a family in need.
• Send an encouraging note to someone who is struggling in life.
• Invite someone to church each and every week, pick them up if necessary and take them to lunch after if you can.
• Invite your neighbors, unsaved friends or new families in the church over for dinner.
• Leave a large tip with a God Loves You Card at a restaurant.
• Pay for unpaid lunches at various schools.
• Collect food for various pantries in the community.

These are just a few of the many options available to serve in our community.

Please note: Record everything you have done with the names of the people you have met. Write it down in a journal and begin praying for them each day. Also, hand in praise reports so we can include them in our weekly bulletin.

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