Pastor's Blog (Page 13)

Live what you know!

What good is revelation and knowledge without the discipline to put into practice what has been revealed and understood? The church doesn’t need greater revelation…we just need to live what we already know.

Loving life?

Salvation is more than just an eternal destination; it is all the promises provided by the New Covenant. Let’s have a child like faith that simply believes, and let’s enjoy the abundant life that comes through the finished work of the Cross.

It’s me!

I’m realizing more and more, that the greatest enemy to living in the fullness; the greatest enemy that keeps me from experiencing all that God has for my life; is me!

Where are you getting your advice?

In 2 Peter 1:5, after Peter tells us to add to our faith virtue, he tells us to add to virtue, “Knowledge.” This word means having a practical wisdom that helps us deal with life. It means having the wisdom which enables us to always do what is right in the day to day situations of life. Where does this wisdom come…

What are you going to do?

Everyone faces giants in their lives. There isn’t a person one who hasn’t faced the giants of adversity, oppression, or misfortunes. All of us have been cornered and have had to look at these giants straight in the eyes. So what do we do? Do we give up and allow the giants to defeat us? Or do we stand up against the…

Always be on your guard!

At the end of Paul’s first letter to the Church at Corinth, he tells them to watch, to stand fast in the faith, to grow up and be a man, and to be strong. (1 Corinthians 16:13) When Paul uses the phrase “Watch ye” he is using a military metaphor that describes a sentry on duty. Now if you are a sentry,…